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Pavtube Software Updated: Support XAVC, H.265/HEVC and Latest Blu-rays!

Hello everyone, I have some great news Pavtube Studio just released updates for all Windows products! This event include:

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate
Pavtube HD Video Converter
Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter
Pavtube MXF Converter
Pavtube MXF MultiMixer
Pavtube Video Converter
Pavtube MKV Converter
Pavtube FLV Converter
Pavtube BDMagic
Pavtube ByteCopy
Pavtube DVDAid

What's new?

1. Support MXF in XAVC video codec
2. Add H.264 baseline/main/high output profiles
3. Support H.265/HEVC decode
4. Support H.265/HEVC encode
5. Support latest Blu-ray movies, like The Expendables 3, Le Chef, Sin City A Dame to Kill For, Sands of Iwo Jima, When The Game Stands Tall, Love in Venice, Mystery Road, Pink Floyd Endless rive,etc. are all supported.

Great News!!! Pavtube Software officially released its 2014 Christmas Deal. UP to 50% off is provided lasting to January 31th 2015. Don't miss it! And find more 2014 Christmas Crazy Promotion at Pavtube Facebook.


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Pls help me

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Hi, I can't download ebooks

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How do you celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family? If you’re super Apple fan and former training manager for the Apple Online Store team Andreas Kleinke the answer is that you announce it in the same way Apple introduces a new product.
Adopting the minimalist design Apple is known for, Kleinke created a website for his new baby Jonathan, describing his son’s “20-inch seamless unibody enclosure,” “ten meticulously aligned fingers” and “maximum volume going all the way up to 120 dB.”
The site notes that parental sleep mode is disabled by default, and that gibberish comes as the pre-installed language, although additional language packs are available.
Kleinke says he got the idea while in California last December. “We had only just learnt that we’ll be parents, and when we stopped by Apple’s company store in Cupertino, they had this baby onesie that had ‘Brand new mini’ written across it,” he explains.
That began Kleinke’s brain working and, by the time his baby’s due date was approaching, he was thinking about how best to break the news to friends and family, once the big day arrived.

The specifications page can be seen below:

Source: Cult of Mac
Original Source:

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that's awesome! love it!
thanks for sharing!
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Hyperlapse: Instagram's First Standalone App You'll Actually Want to Use

Between Facebook's Slingshot and Instagram's Bolt, there's been no shortage of photo-focused standalone apps from Facebook this summer.

But unlike Bolt and Slingshot, which have so far proved underwhelming, Instagram's latest standalone, Hyperlapse, is simple, elegant and actually really useful. The app, which rolled out Tuesday, allows users to quickly and easily create on-the-go time-lapse videos— something that hasn't been easily and effectively accomplished on mobile, until now.

"We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible," Instagram wrote in a blog post introducing their newest offering.

In fact, the app is almost deceptively simple. Record a video, select a playback speed, save and share. No additional editing, tweaking or user account required.

Getting started
The app launches with the camera, one tap starts the recording and a second stops it. As you record, you'll see two timers, the first is how long your video is and the second is how long your video will be once it's compressed into the default 6x playback rate (more on playback speed in a minute).

The app's most powerful feature, image stabilization, is not immediately obvious. Time-lapse videos have traditionally required the camera to remain in a fixed position, which is a lot easier said than done on mobile. But videos shot with Hyperlapse are smoothed out and stabilized so seamlessly you could easily be fooled into thinking you just happened to record with an extra steady hand.

To see just how powerful Hyperlapse's stabilization is, hold down on the screen after you've recorded a video to see a preview of what your video would look like without stabilization.

Choosing a playback speed
Playback speed — which can be set at 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, or 12x — determines how much faster your original video will be played. If you record a 30-second video and select the default 6x speed, for example, the resulting video will be five seconds long.

When choosing a playback speed, you should take into account the length of your original video and how you plan on sharing it. Generally speaking, the longer the original video, the higher you'll want the playback speed to be.

If you plan on sharing your video to Instagram, keep in mind the platform limits videos to 15 seconds (though you can trim videos created in Hyperlapse within Instagram). This means if you stick with the 6x speed, you can record up to 90 seconds of video, if you choose the fastest 12x speed, you can record up to three minutes of video.

Saving and Sharing
When you've finished recording and selected a speed, tapping the green checkmark saves the video to your camera roll. Once saved, you can also share the video to Facebook or Instagram. Unlike Instagram and the recently-updated Vine, you can't import videos you have already recorded into Hyperlapse. You can, however, record videos and save them to edit and share later.

To save a video, tap the red "x" in the top left corner of the app and select "edit later." Unlike Vine, there is no limit to how many videos you can save, aside from the limits of your device's storage capacity.

This brings up another important point to keep in mind — HD video uses much more of your device's storage than photos. Though your video may be compressed to a fraction of it's original length, Hyperlapse's videos will still take up more space than photos, particularly if you're creating time-lapse videos from lengthy clips.

Regardless of how long or expertly-crafted your videos are, having a super simple and easily-Instagrammable tool for time-lapses is a game changer for amateurs and power users alike.

Watch the "Instagram's Hyperlapse" video here:

Source: Mashable
Posted by Karissa Bell

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how can i find ebooks translated in German? Anyone?

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Looks like the iPhone 6 will be the highest-resolution Apple phone yet
Clues discovered in iOS 8
By Michael Rougeau

It's past time for Apple to shake up the iPhone's image once again, and it's currently believed that it will do so by releasing two variants of the iPhone 6: one at 4.7 inches, and the other a 5.5-inch phablet.
Before today we had yet to see any evidence of what resolution these two devices might be, but now it seems that they might have a 828 x 1472 resolution - or even a massive 1242 x 2208, significantly greater than existing iPhones' 640 x 1136 ratio.
That's according to 9 to 5 Mac, which claims to have uncovered clues within iOS 8 files found in the latest Xcode 6 development kit beta.
Long story short, files for the iOS springboard - the home screen from which apps are launched - might betray a resolution that doesn't match up with past devices.

What are those extra pixels worth?

And unlike when Apple made the iPhone 5S taller but not wider, this resolution might hint that the iPhone 6 is expanding on all sides, as previously thought.
Despite its larger size, with this increased resolution the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 would still be sharper than the 4-inch iPhone 5S.
And with that 828 x 1472 resolution the screen on even the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would still surpass the 300 pixels-per-inch that Apple defines as a Retina display. Obviously the greater resolution - 1242 x 2208 - would far surpass that as well, so much so that it actually seems unlikely, though it's impossible to tell for sure at this time.
These larger 16:9 resolutions could also open up more screen real estate, according to 9 to 5's calculations, making room for Apple to potentially add more icons to each home screen.
Whether or not that happens may come down to a design decision on Apple's part, though you can bet your bottom dollar that decision has already been made, if the iPhone 6 is going to launch in September as expected.

Source: TechRadar

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Apple has now given option to the owners of original iPhone to install the "last compatible version" of an app in their device. So in case you are stuck at iOS 4.2.1, but the application you want to install requires iOS 4.3 to work, you can now download the 4.2.1 version of that app. Therefore, people with original iPhone can now retain their older device even longer than before. You can check the following link for most useful apps for iPhone 3g

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yeongshing ADMIN :

iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery For Your iOS Devices
What are the possible situations that you may lose your iOS device data?
To list a few: during an iOS update failure, accidentally deleted, jailbreak, device lost/damage, somehow unable to boot up and many other reasons that you don't even see it coming.

If any of the above happens, *gasp* how to get your contacts, photos and other files back?!

/// iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery ///
Here comes the savior. iSkysoft can help to restore your peace of mind when one day you suddenly find unable to access the data in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Depending on iOS model and recovery mode, iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery software enables you to recover up to 12 file types: contacts, call history, camera roll photos, photo stream, photo library, SMS, message attactments, calendar, notes, Safari bookmarks, reminders and voice memos with just a few clicks. SMS including its attactments can be recovered and previewed in free version, but to save them you need to use full version.

** So Easy To Use **
The software interface is really simple and easy to use with clear instructions and only need a few basic steps: Connect device to PC > Select recovery mode > Start scan > Preview files > Recover files.

** Recover Recent Files Directly From iOS Device OR Older Files From iTunes Backup Depending on Situations **
Let's say in a situation where you accidentally deleted a recent photo before your iOS device get in sync with iTunes, and it's really important to you, iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery software can scan and directly retrieve the photo from your iOS device.

To recover files from iTunes backup, logically you will need to at least synced your iOS device with iTunes before. In case direct recovery from iOS device doesn't work, you can retrieve most of your data from iTunes backup.

** Selective Data Recovery From iTunes Backup **
That's right! If you don't need all the old files, you can choose which files to retrieve from iTunes Backup which iTunes itself can't do for you. There is a limit in total number of files that you can retrieve using iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery but it's still good enough to save many people from gasps.

** Can Preview Recoverable Data Before Saving **
Most of the times we can get confused by just looking at a big list of file names, especially when normally you don't even name all the files properly. iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery can let you preview files so you know that you retrieve the files you want.

** User Guide & Customer Support **
A good software should come with good customer support. iSkysoft did well on this. You can find user guide, FAQ's and step by step tutorials that are easy to understand on iSkysoft website. Also, they have pre-sale and after-sale live chat support if you prefer to directly talk with iSkysoft support team.

iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery is a very simple to use yet powerful data recovery software for iOS devices. It can helps you to recover most of the files under many situations. And if you have a problem with using the software, the user guide and iSkysoft online customer support team are easily reached.

Also, it doesn't have to be only under accidental or bad luck situation that you will need to use a data recovery software. For example, if you try to clean up your iPhone or iPad lazily or start over using your iPhone or iPad like a new one, and you want to get back on certain important contacts and some beautiful wallpapers which would be a pain to search back and download them again, so you can use iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve them from iTunes backup after factory settings reset.
*Note: Make sure you do a proper sync with iTunes to backup everything before reseting your iOS device.

Click Here To Check Out iSkysoft Free iPhone Data Recovery for Windows

System Requirements:
- Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
- CPU 1GHz (64 bit or 32 bit )
- Free Hard Disk Space 256 MB or above (1GB Recommended)
- iTunes installed and synced

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