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yeemei12 ADMIN :

This important update fixes app crashes.
New in mobile9 DECO 3:
* App gets a lot slimmer. It's now just 3MB!
* Handpick only the best files for you everyday
* Find & send birthday or holiday greetings easily to friends and family


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Reply   .   Report 03 Feb, 5:48AM

yeongshing ADMIN :

Hi dear themers, we realised that sometimes users can do a better job in helping out the community. Proven activities are forum contests which organised by our hardcore m9ers. So now we are looking for someone who is responsible and passionate to run Android Theme Contest (ATC) and Symbian Theme Contest (STC). Please contact me for more info.

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Reply   .   Report 06 Nov, 2015, 12:14PM

yeongshing ADMIN :

Hello all, mobile9's official app - DECO has been updated! Have you updated yet?

Current version: 2.2.7

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Reply   .   Report 06 Aug, 2015, 11:22AM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Greetings to all! This announcement is relating to ebooks issue. You might not having access to ebooks session due to we're in the progress of investigating the ebooks copyright issues and hence the access is temporarily blocked for better investigations. Any inconvenience that caused to you is much regretted, the efforts are looking to better improve user experience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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Reply   .   Report 17 Mar, 2015, 2:51AM


Hope everything works out and we get to keep our ebooks!
Report 17 Mar, 2015, 1:43PM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Report 19 Mar, 2015, 7:58AM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Hi to all, I understand the inconvenience that caused to all of you in regards to the removal of access to Ebooks using desktop. We hope that everyone of you could understand that copyright is the reason we make this decision.

As some of you have found out or been reminded, you may still access to Ebooks using the mobile site, just go to from your device browser.

Besides, you can also access to the Ebooks group from your device browser through the group URL:

Feel free to drop me message if you have any question or feedback!


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Reply   .   Report 09 Feb, 2015, 3:19AM


How do i cancel automatically renewal on my account please?
Report 09 Feb, 2015, 7:36AM


Hi Yee Mei! I still cannot access the link you have indicated for the Ebooks group.
Report 09 Feb, 2015, 9:39AM


Still cannot access, what happened where do we go for ebooks?
Report 09 Feb, 2015, 12:54PM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Hi to all, a great news to all of you! After our discussion, the Ebooks group will be removed from being banned, meaning it will be opening back to everyone out here and there! It's in implementing, please allow me to announce once it's enabled! Thank you!
Report 10 Feb, 2015, 1:24AM

yeongshing ADMIN :

Hi, hope you are well. There is a STC & ATC Survey going on right now at the forum. If you find this survey is relevant to you and would like to help make the STC & ATC better, you're welcomed to participate in this survey. If you do not participate in survey but still wish to give us your feedback, please reply to the survey thread or PM me in forum. Thank you.


-> Click Here To Start Survey Now

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Reply   .   Report 12 Sep, 2014, 2:59AM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Hey guys, here is the good news to all who are not able to publish Live Wallpapers previously! We have added the Live Wallpapers section where you can publish Live Wallpapers to there, you can try it now and please let me know if you have any problem. Thanks!

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Reply   .   Report 09 Sep, 2014, 3:39AM


hi, still broken. after I manage to upload and fill all the detail in the form, after I click publish button, the processing doesnt proceed to success, and no response (goes to idle). can you check again ?
Report 09 Sep, 2014, 4:01AM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Hi, I have seen you just published new Live wallpapers, is it you have no problem in publish Live wallpapers files anymore?
Report 10 Sep, 2014, 5:33AM

ArthurWill ADMIN :

Hey M9ers, here's a few notes about the recent changes:

Past: Only 3 files in profile main page
Now: All files are visible in profile main page
Reason: M9ers who took the time and effort to create and publish files to M9 want others to see and download. According to our statistic however, people rarely click to see the other page of any profile. By putting just 3 files in main page the rest of your awesome files never get seen.

Past: Apart from files you have following, followers, gifts etc in profile main page
Now: All these are available as separate page in tabs
Reason: When you are looking at your own profile, these elements are important to you. However, they mean nothing to people visiting your profile. To them, knowing that you have 1,000 followers or you are following 200 people are enough. Hence, we have moved those numbers to the top, below your username, making space for your files which visitors do care about.

Past: Side navigation menu
Now: Top navigation menu
Reason: There were about 10 items in side menu previously for you to navigate to activities, notifications, following etc. By putting them at the side they occupy about 1/5 of your profile and we can't put anything else below it. Not just that they waste your space, they also make your profile looks out balance - light on the left, heavy on the right. Plus, as mentioned previously, people visiting your profile rarely click to other pages. As a profile owner, you get everything in notifications and activities. Those two are important to you and the rest are not. Hence we have moved notifications to the most top right corner, next to your username and log out option. We are still trying to work out how to make it easier for you to go to activities page.

Problem: Ugly grey bar covering part of the cover photo
Update: It's now being replaced by subtle gradient, necessary to make sure whatever photo you put, those important statistic of you (name, achievement points, total downloads, followers etc) still visible.

Problem: Missing about me
Update: About me is now back. We know you are still not happy about the small space allocated to it. Our reasoning is simple, with cover photo, background color and about me, M9 has given you more space to express yourself than most modern sites (Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus etc). However, we are considering to just display everything you throw into about me. More update about this soon.

Problem: Download count dropped. Individual file downloads down to zero
Update: Most of your download count should be back now if not all. We had to move servers and that reset the count. However, we did backup and count should be restored as people download your files again.

Problem: Can only post one comment with smiley or link
Update: We have received numerous complaints about spam in comments and this is what we have done to cope. However, there was some mistake. It's now fixed. Smiley no longer have limit. External link limit now much higher and if you are a premium member or premium publisher (most spammer won't pay just to spam) you don't even have any limit.

Problem: Imported apps now appear in profile main page
Update: Previously we have two sections of apps - apps that people published to gallery, apps that people import into gallery. In gallery, apps published has the term "Apps", apps imported has the term "Store". Confuse? Exactly!. It's confusing. If they are all apps why do we have two different sections? Are they different? Hence we have recently merge the two into one. Now people only have one section which is "Apps". Isn't that much clearer? If you notice, all our files in gallery has unique ID associated with it. Files published today have higher ID than files published yesterday or a week earlier. To merge two sections into one, imported apps need unique ID. Although they were imported last year, we can't just assign random ID to these apps. We have to assign them the latest ID. And because profile display files according to ID, you now see imported apps in first page. As you publish newer files you will see newer files on top, pushing these apps below. Alternatively, there is an option to delete these apps so that they don't show in your profile. Unfortunately, some members reported that even after they delete these apps come back later. We are now looking into the cause and will update you as soon as we can.

I know it's a long post. But I hope it gives you better understand of why we made the changes, and how we are listening and reacting to your feedback. If we don't care, it won't hurt as much to see you screaming that we don't care. We care, but like everything in life, it takes time to think and to work on your feedback. We ask for your patience as we work day and night on issues you have.


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Reply   .   Report 29 May, 2014, 12:53PM


thank you
Report 29 May, 2014, 1:21PM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Hi guys, server migration is taking place at the present and therefore the errors such as inaccurate downloads, no notifications and activities are shown have occurred. It will be recovered soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Regarding the error in posting smileys and links, it's the new implementation to prevent the spamming of links. However, we're still working on to make the improvement and the limit of links will be increased soon.
Please give some time to the team to work all this out. Thanks for your patience!

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Reply   .   Report 14 May, 2014, 11:43AM

yeemei12 ADMIN :

Hey guys, for those who have encountered "error stickers 001" these few days, the error is fixed and it should be working now! You can now publish your screensaver or ebook.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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Reply   .   Report 02 May, 2014, 3:41AM